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The Pink Lady Difference

It's clear that all of us are here to make our clients feel beautiful, but we also want to artfully design a set of lash extensions that still preserves the integrity of the natural lashes.


Lash artistry is both a science and an art, not one or the other. Your extensions should both look great and feel comfortable. Your own lashes will not be damaged in the process, and the extensions will look soft, fluffy, and flattering to your own unique eye shape and face shape.


And beyond that, your lash extensions should look great at all times because our work lasts! We still recommend that clients come in regularly for fills so that we are able to provide maximum fullness. Most clients schedule fills every 2 weeks, so that we can place new extensions on the "naked" lashes that have grown in since your last appointment and replace any grown out extensions with fresh ones at the base! This ensures your follicles stay healthy and your lashes look full at all times.