Master Lash Artist

Where did you get your education? 

Avenue Five Institute 


How long have you been lashing?

I started lashing in 2016.


What's your favorite part about Pink Lady Lash?

What isn’t my favorite part of Pink Lady Lash!

The clients are all so amazing!  The products we use are awesome! Oh! And you can’t forget about the pink ladies! Each one is amazing and so loving in their own way!


Do you prefer lash lifts or lash extensions? 

This one is a hard one but personally I love extensions!  Lash lifts definitely have a spot in my heart. I love lash lifts and how it can open up the eye without extensions. They are also great for the low maintenance gal and who can’t make it to the salon every few weeks. They are beautiful and I am always in awe when clients get them!

Lash extensions though! You are ready to go from the moment you wake up! They make the lash line dark and full (if you want it that way) and make the lashes look long. They are 100% customizable and can be changed at your appointments. Once you get them you will forever want them! Without them you will feel like a potato (like for real) They will make you feel soooo amazing no matter what you are doing !  I feel like a whole different woman when I have them on!


What do you ask for when you get your own lashes done? 

My favorite shapes on myself are a kitten and open eye shapes. I love my lashes to look full so I go for more shorter lengths. But give me curl! I love they way curlier lashes help open my eye and give me some drama! My lash line needs volume to give me that dark dramatic look but I love texture  so a little classic in the there doesn’t hurt 

What’s your favorite type of look to do on a client?

Volume by far is my favorite it can be so versatile. It can be fluffy and full or soft and natural or anything you want. Classic is so simple and beautiful. Mixed is all about texture and being able to have the best of both.

I love to open the eyes up and make you feel more awake and bright eyed!


What advice do you have for first time clients?

Cleanse your lashes! I always tell clients that is the most important thing about extensions is cleansing! 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I am always with my kids! We enjoy walking, riding bikes, movies and playing games. 


Fun Fact: I love bees!


Dream vacation: Maldives would be the place I would love to go! But I love anywhere there is a beach.