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Lash Artist
Cedar Park

Where did you get your education?

I got my Esthetician license from Baldwin Beauty School, but pursed the license solely to do lashes.

What's your favorite part about working at Pink Lady Lash?

I love working at Pink Lady Lash because the atmosphere is so positive and it really feels like a family here. The saying "love what you do and you never have to work a day in you life," really came true for me since I started working at Pink Lady Lash.

What is your favorite lash technique?

I love volume lashes! There is nothing more fulfilling than getting to see a full set of volume lashes, they never fail to make eyes pop. Volume lashes are so versatile they fit any lash shape and style. Seeing the perfect fan makes my day.

What advice do you have for first time clients?

My advice for first time clients is to relax and trust your lash artist. As long as you communicate what you are hoping for your lash artist will put their heart into making you happy and exceeing your expectations. So, while you are getting lashed, take that wonderful lash nap and enjoy getting pampered!

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I am a movie fanatic, I love watching movies so that's usually what I am doing in my spare time. My favorite thing is to get to spend time with my family while watching a movie.

Fun fact:

My favorite food is probably frozen yogurt and I could eat it at any time of the day, with all the toppings, of course.

Who is your idol?

My idol is definitely my mom, hands down. She is the most caring, hard-working person I have ever met. If it wasn't for her and her support I would have never followed my dream of being a lash artist. No matter when I need her or what it's for, I know I can depend on her. If I am half the woman she is when I grow up I will be pleased.

What is your fondest memory?

My fondest memory would have to be the time I got thrown a surprise dinner to celebrate finishing esthetician school. Everyone who supported me along the way came and showed so much positivity and love to me. I felt so much love that night I thought I was going to explode from happiness.