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Master Lash Artist

Where did you get your education?

I graduated from Avenue5 Institute in 2012 as an Esthetician. It was honestly so much fun, learning about something i was truly interested in made going to class a breeze!  Shoutout to Linda and Karen for filling my brain with so many Esti wonders! I remember on the first day of class we learned how to do lash and brow tints, let me tell you. I was SO nervous. Its funny how the times have changed. 

How long have you been lashing?

I have been lashing since 2015! When I started in the lash industry i honestly didnt realize id fall in love with it but now I'm obsessed. I can be on vacation at the beach or in the mountains, thinking about lashing. Reviewing appointments from the previous days or thinking about clients on the books the day i return. It makes me seem insane about my work, but thats because i am. Its like my zone, i honestly feel so zen when im applying lashes.

What's your favorite part about working at Pink Lady Lash?

I love my job. I feel so lucky to be able to say i love what i do and where i work. To be able to work with a group of ladies that are equally as obsessed with lashes makes me feel a little less insane. Each girl is hilarious, honestly yall...were a funny group. Our staff is so kind hearted and we truly do care for our clients lashes. Each girl on this team has proper lash game, I cant stress enough how amazing each staff member is. Working with Shelby is also amazing. She is like a lashing mecca, if that even makes sense. I literally would stalk the Pink Lady Lash instagram page before i worked here, and id try my absolute hardest to get my isolation and direction as perfect as hers. That is 100% real life. So once Shelby welcomed me to the Pink Lady Lash team i was on cloud 9, my lashing idol wants me to work for her. I cant thank her enough for teaching me the Pink Lady way. Last but absolutely not least...My clients are amazing, they are one of the main reasons i love what i do. For them to want to come back to see us every 2 weeks is one of the biggest compliments. I love seeing my clients eyes light up when they look in the mirror after their appointments, making their day makes my career.  <3

What is your favorite lash technique?

My favorite lashing technique, all of it? Building volume fans, YES FAN SLAY. Building the fan to the lashes strength, any where from 2D-6D. When a 5D hooks on perfectly and resembles a folding hand fan, i just want to keep it and put it in a box so i can admire it for later. Or maybe hangout on a hot summer day and fan myself for a lite breeze with that baby. But i cant, because i built that sweet little fan for that single sweet little lash.

What advice do you have for first time clients?

For first time clients, if you see lash extensions in your future STOP using your lash curler!! Lash curlers are torture chambers for your pretty lashes. They can cause some serious breakage, causing those lashes to hold shorter extensions than wed like to apply! When we say to wash them everynight, its not mumbo jumbo. Its real life ladies, your natural lashes are there to protect your eyes from debris. Think of the mess that builds up in your lashes and on your lash line, it isnt good for your natural lash health. So wash those bad boys EVERY night. Your retention will be A1 and they will have great hygiene. Lash health is a real deal ladies, the better you care for them the more flawless they will look after each appointment! 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love spending my spare time with my dog. He is my favorite breathing thing on this earth, his name is Frankenstein and if youre already my client there is a 100% chance you know his name and have seen me mom out and show you 732 photos of him! Hanging out with my friends, eating, dancing, eating, shopping, online shopping putting it in my cart and never ordering it, eating, visiting my family, and thinking about lashes. I also enjoy a nice evening with a glass of Cab Sav while playing COD WW2 on the playstation. Man, this makes me sound boring. But i promise im not and i have tons of funny stories for you!


Fun Fact:

I am double jointed in my shoulders and elbows, ask and ill probably show you.

Who is your idol?

Audrey Hepburn, I've been in love with her since I was a young girl. So much that I have her portrait tattooed on my left arm. And Beyonce, I listen to her every day. She is a queen and makes me feel like I can take the world on every day.

What is your fondest memory?

Any sweet memory has to do with my siblings. <3